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Redisys Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Project- and enterprise management with REDISYS, REDITIME, REDIDAY and REDIWEB.

Depending upon which solution you look for depends the capacity of Redisys, REDITIME, REDIDAY and REDIWEB on their Business Intelligence strategy.

The functions offer an efficient project time registration to you up to a simply operated enterprise software for the entire project completion.

REDISYS is an ERP software package tailored to suit the requirements of project-orientated Service Providers planning and scheduling resources such as software houses, service enterprises, consulting firms, publishing houses, engineer offices, marine and shipyards.

REDISYS, REDITIME, REDIDAY und REDIWEB provide functionality cutting across departmental boundaries.

REDISYS as an instrument of teamwork with its integrating functionality offers all that is needed in the fields of order filling, as well as in the management of projects, resources, personnel, contacts and time measurement which normally isn´t found as consistently in  commercial software.

Please use the following scalable modules of REDISYS, REDITIME, REDIDAY und REDIWEB for your management control:

System modules: tables, Forms, access rights, user administration, event protocol, error protocol, import/export, Data Managing System, printer/fax configuration, value receipt, data security, integration of third party software.

Stock data: client management, multilingual version, multi-currency version, corporation data, value receipt, tax code, adress types, conditions of payment, units, text units, reminder texts, adresses, employees, articles, article groups, resources, activity code, client-specific activity rates per hour, cost centres, user defined fields, functions/positions, absence reasons, field code, departments, qualifications, order status.

Resource management: machine and device administration with freely definable sortie times which are shown in the graphical invoice planner.

Staff management: employee data, standard working time, special working periods, qualifications, departments, time account and freely definable absence times shown in the graphical invoice planner.

Invoice handling : offers, invoices, route planning, delivery receipts, orders, bills, partial bills, money received, employee and resource scheduling, hour planning schedule, post calculation.

Graphical invoice planning done interactively per drag and drop with Gantt modules:
day scheduling, hour scheduling, group day scheduling, group hour scheduling, invoice scheduling for employees (days), employee invoice planning, absence time overview.

Project Management and Controlling: plan/fact comparison with offers, orders, bills, money received, discussion notes, pictures and documents available with just a few clicks.

Time registration : time registration on an invoice position, hour ticket, monthly overview, project analysis.

For financial accounting : open items, money received, automatic dunning, interface for financial accounting.

CRM, marketing and distribution: customer overviews, discussion notes, resubmission, analyses, E-Mail, telephony.

Intelligent electronic file cabinet: automatic data administration for Microsoft Word, Microsoft EXCEL and Microsoft PowerPoint files. Association of relevant files to adresses und projects with filter functions saves valuable time otherwise wasted on searching.

Early indicators for enterprise management
REDISYS provides constant access to all relevant data. The MIS (Management Information Service) presents this data sorted to highlight vital aspects to provide a clear overview of all business processes, faciliating efficient Controlling and decision-making based on sound and up-to-date data.

Microsoft Office integration
An integrated interface for Microsoft Office guarantees long-term security for your data, unproblematic data exchange and comfortable work with the familiar Microsoft environment. Exchanging data with palmOne-handhelds is fast and easily handled.

Service: migration, training, support and regular updates.

REDISYS will be installed, configured und trained by experts. Existing databases will be assimilated by migration into a MSD (free of charge) or in MS-SQL Server 2000 database. Support is handled by software producer a.u.b.köln or by specialized REDISYS dealers. Regular updates ensure that REDISYS always remains up to date.

Low initial cost and quick Return on Investment
You only have to purchase the modules you need: REDISYS ist scalable, from a standard solution to a complete IT-system spread on domestic and foreign divisions. A brief training period and comprehensible operation quickly lead to significant improvements in the workflow and a fast Return on Investment.

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